Stacy Wolfinger

Stacy is 3rd-generation Law Enforcement in the Philadelphia Region. Her Grandfather, Father and Brother all serve(d) on the Philadelphia Police Department and Stacy was a Probation/Parole Officer in Philadelphia as well. She possesses a B.A. in both Psychology & Criminal Justice, and a M.S. in Computer Science & Cybersecurity, both from St. Joseph’s University. She gives Wolfinger Consulting her experience in Information Security Policy, Procedure and Enforcement, Evidence Handling, and Data Collection; all gleaned at E-Discovery and Digital Forensics giant, LDiscovery. She was an owner of Everest Technologies and drove their effort to obtain ISO27001:2013 certification during her tenure. With experience as a paralegal as well, she has perspectives on both the vendor and law-firm sides of data collection and forensics.