Our Services

The team at Wolfinger Consulting proudly offers the following services to our customers:

  • Forensically-Sound Collection of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) for litigations and investigations
  • Forensic Analysis, Reporting, and Testimony regarding ESI
  • 30(b)6 witness testimony
  • Open-Source, Online Investigations
  • Incident Response Services for Intrusions, Data Loss Events, and Hacking Attempts
  • Information Security Policy/Procedure Consulting
  • Information Governance Consulting
  • Information Governance Platform Deployment & Tuning
  • Internet Safety Training for Businesses, Schools, and Families
  • Smartphone Analysis for Parents

Forensically-Sound Collection of ESI

Our experts have been collecting data from computers and hand-held devices of all types, all over the world, since the 1990s. We use the most modern tools, the best practices, and extreme sensitivity to client concerns while performing our services.

Forensic Analysis, Reporting and Testimony

Mr. Wolfinger has testified hundreds of times, as both a fact and expert witness, all across the country at the local, state and federal levels, about electronic data, information security, ediscovery procedures and practices, and digital forensics topics. He is ready to assist your organization or clients with their needs.

30(b)6 Testimony

Mr. Wolfinger has helped dozens of clients by serving as a 30(b)6 witness for their organization on topics involving IT Infrastructure, Policy, Procedure, Security and Data Flow.

Open-Source, Online Investigations

For Hiring teams, Litigators, Investigators, Insurance Companies and Private Citizens, we conduct detailed, discreet investigations into individuals and their online presence in social media platforms.

Incident Response

We can respond anywhere in the country to assist corporations with intrusions and response; from technical assistance post-breach, to investigations into method and possible data exfiltration, to providing insight on managing notifications under their reporting obligations.

Information Security Policy Consulting

A policy for information security is a formal high-level statement that embodies the intstitution's course of action regarding the use and safeguarding of institutional information resources. Our experts can ssist your organization with the development and implementation of proper policies and procedures to meet your company's needs.

Information Governance Assistance

Our experts can assist your organization and your records managers with scoping for IG platform deployment, and we can also deploy and tune an IG software platform for your organization.

Internet Safety Training

We provide timely and interactive presentations on internet safety topics. From avoiding hacking attempts, avoiding identity theft, being alert for cyber-bullying and online predators, we can educate your worforce, your students and stff, and/or your family on avoiding online threats.

Smartphone Analysis for Parents

With the proliferation of smartphones and the drastic increase of their use by children, increasingly younger children are at risk based on their ready access to the internet from the palms of their hands. As parents ourselves, Stacy and I know how hard it is to track the online habits and actions of our 5 children, and we have the tools and the experience to do it. To help our fellow parents we offer low-cost clinics (and one-on-one sessions also) where parents can bring in their children’s devices, we will dump them using the forensics tools we use for our corporate clients, and then provide them the content output for them to review. We will answer questions about “what means what” and help parents lock down their children’s devices better. Consider contacting us for help in keeping your children safe.